Why Choose Us

As a family of carpenters with a passion for wood work, we have established many years of experience in high quality log cabin construction. During this time we began to enhance our knowledge and have discovered that this was difficult to find elsewhere for our customers.

To fulfill this need, our focus is not just with the product itself but also with how its built, a key process which is fundamental to the longevity of our log cabins, where honesty and trust are triggers of our services.

About our Log Cabins

Log timbers are cut from sustainable Scandinavian Spruce or Nordic pine trees. These specific timbers are chosen because the slow-grown process leads to a higher density product being produced. Such feature enables the wood to be naturally more resistant to mould and rot.

Generally our Log Cabins are built using 44mm thick wall timbers.
However, we also offer 70mm thick wall timbers and twin skin cabins (44mm x 50mm x 44mm).
The height of our buildings can be reduced should you require them to be so. For all requests outside the standard models, it is important that you get in touch prior to ordering to ensure that your desired model can be amended.

Every building has specific size doors and windows with fully operating lock systems. Every build has a double glazed door (18mm or 22mm) and windows (28mm).
They are constructed and developed to operate within the fascia’s that supresses the cabin timbers to ensure a solid non-moving environment.

Every 44mm cabin is made out of timbers that have double tongue and groove systems that provide the build with a stronger structure and longer lasting durability.

Roof and floor boards are included within the price of all our cabins. They are 18mm thick for the roof and 22mm thick for the floor.
All boards are tongue and groove that slide into another for a stronger and more durable finish.

Our floors are pressure treated and are heavy duty, 70mm x 50mm or 50mm x 50mm floor bearers, also called as build base.

Most of the cabins can be changed depending on your desire. For example instead of having a window on the left as in the picture it can be moved to the right.

It is important to understand that wood is a natural product and it does move due to its natural elements.

Depending on the weather, the cabin increases in thickness or decreases.
From our experience, most settlement occurs during the Log Cabins first year.

During the process all gaps that can be seen during the construction should settle down. Also it is important not to screw any timbers together, this can affect other timber movement and have a negative impact on it and cause damage.

Roof Installation is a 25mm celotex board that is attached to roof boards from the outside and pinned down by nails over 9mm to 12mm Marine plywood or non-structural hardwood plywood.

And following that is being covered by following (8) roof tiles
Floor installation is 25mm celotex board that are being fit in-between pressure treated base timbers under it is DPM that protects of getting dump and over it is covered by roof boards.

We highly recommend to have every build fully installed due to its higher protection level and better experience.

We offer 5 layer 3mm-thick bitumen roof shingles which come in dark red, green or black in a type of hexagonal or 4 squares.

Both are made from a fiberglass mat base and bitumen mixture that expands product durability.

Top of shingle is mineral granules that provides reliable protection and great look.

Quality is guaranteed by the certified international ISO standard 9001:2008 and European standard EN544.

It is vital to have a 100% level base for any build. Our engineers have found that a lot of movement of the build structure relies heavily on how level the base is.
On some occasions whilst we endeavour to meet your demands and achieve the highest standards, we cannot be held liable should the base have been provided by a third party. For such reason we are offering to do our very own concrete base work timber levelling base frame.

It is important to know the size of the base as you would not want it to be too small or too big. To assist you please send us an email or contact us with your size of a cabin so we can help you.

Outdoor treatment is imperative within the first couple weeks from installation. Failure to do so can lead you to a negative experience and further issues with a cabin that we are not able to warrant due to the importance of the process.

Also, it is important to know and paint key painting areas that will be described to you on a day of installation.

Following that, cabin interior varnish is not necessary but recommended in order to maintain your build and have greatest experience.

The products are delivered to you in solid plastic packages, not separate parts. Most of the times it is being delivered by our knowledge and rest, such as guttering will be delivered by your construction engineers on assembly day.

Some of the deliveries are most likely to be within 4-5 weeks after checkout. It might be other circumstances that next day delivery might apply.

Whilst we endeavour to assemble your Log Cabin the day after delivery, this is not always possible.
In any case, we will ensure that a dedicated and professional team will be with you to assemble your Log Cabin within 10 days.