Have you just bought a new vehicle that you need storage for? Is your home garage full of all kinds of unwanted clutter? If so, the Charlie is the ideal log garage. UK car owners know how valuable their vehicles are and how much care they require. With the Charlie, you’ll be able to take care of your precious car and make a valuable addition to your home in the process.

Ample Room to Fit Your Vehicles and More

The Charlie comes at a size of up to 6x6m. That’s plenty of floor room to comfortably fit two cars along with your tools, equipment, and all sorts of other items. You can neatly organise your belongings and never forget where you left something. read more


The James is one of the most versatile wooden garages for sale out there. Whether you need more room for your cars or a place to work on new projects, it’s an excellent option. Plus, it can be a highly valuable addition to your home that has many advantages over metal or concrete garages.

More Room for Exciting Work

There are many reasons why the James is an outstanding log garage. UK car owners love to take care of their vehicles in their garage. With up to 5×5.8m of space, the James will easily accommodate your car whilst leaving enough room for a workshop. read more