The Poppie is a perfect starter cabin for those who want some extra space and an attractive garden feature. As the smallest cabin in our collection, it’s perfect as a small office, leisure room, or a children’s playroom.

A Timeless Classic

If you’re looking to expand the usable space in your home without going overboard with features or size, the Poppie is the ideal log cabin. UK customers love this classic design that draws people’s attention but retains a subtle charm.

The standard green roofing tiles complement the nature-inspired design, but you can always reach out to us if you’d prefer a different style. read more


Whether you need a home office, summerhouse, or a relaxing space to unwind after a long day, the Churchill is an excellent choice. It proves that you can buy cheap log cabins for sale in UK that make no compromises in terms of quality and outstanding features.

More Usable Space

The Churchill is a perfect example of how small details can make all the difference. Instead of being situated in the centre, the double-glazed doors are featured on the side, which has more impact on the cabins usability than one might think. read more


Spacious and bright, the Ivor is ideal for those long summer days that you wish would never end. If you’re looking for log homes in UK that offer plenty of room for entertainment and relaxation, it’s one of the best options that we can offer you.

Plenty of Natural Light All Throughout the Day

The Ivor is one of the brightest residential cabins on the market right now, which makes it a perfect summerhouse. The reason for this is 2/3rd double-glazed doors paired with four double windows. Two windows are situated on the side of the central door, ensuring plenty of natural light from the front. read more

Red Rose

If you’re hunting for on outdoor office space, the Red Rose is a fantastic option. Its design, paired with the right door and window placement combination,provides a peaceful workspace that will maximise your focus and productivity. Due to its size, the Red Rose offers you countless options to set up the work room to your liking

Do Meaningful Work in Peace

While working from home can be convenient and enjoyable, it can often be frustrating at times. You might be exposed to all sorts of unnecessary and annoying distractions. read more


If you’re looking for an oasis of peace in your garden, the Victoria is one of our best wooden homes for sale. UK lifestyle can get pretty crazy at times, and everyone deserves a space where they can unwind and recharge their batteries. Ultimately, we designed the Victoria to create calmness and a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere.

A Perfect Hideaway

Unlike many of our cabins, the Victoria comes with a single door. And there’s a good reason for that. It offers better privacy and allows you to enjoy the interior to the fullest. The Victoria also comes with three single windows, which strikes a perfect balance between natural light and the aforementioned privacy. read more


Want to expand your living space but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a house extension? Residential cabins can be the perfect solution. And the Majesty is a fantastic choice for everyone who needs an outdoor living room, event room, or a holiday home.

The Heart of Social Gatherings

If you’re looking to buy log cabin in UK for entertainment purposes, there are very few options as grand as the Majesty. With up to 6x6m of floor space, your guests will be royally impressed by the cabin’s design and spaciousness.

Plus, you can fit in everything that you need to host exciting and fun gatherings for your friends and family. The Majesty’s central double doors ensure that people can walk in and out with ease. The single windows offer enough natural light to create a pleasant environment. At the same time, you can easily block the light with blinds and have a home theatre in your log cabin. UK families love some quality movie time, and the Majesty can make that happen. read more

Three Lions

Are you a small business owner looking to operate closer to home? Or maybe your children are growing up and need more space? Either way, the Three Lions is the perfect residential cabin for your needs. Because of its size and multiple rooms, it can be a highly valuable addition to your home, full-stop.

Business Premises in Your Garden

If you really are considering running your business from home, it makes sense to go with a log cabin. UK-based small businesses are flourishing, and doing the same can bring a plethora of benefits. You can do outstanding work without having to sacrifice valuable family time. read more


Looking to buy log cabin in UK that can give you some valuable extra space? Look no further, as the Trident can meet all your needs. This cabin offers ample room for creating an outdoor living room, office, gym, or whatever takes your fancy.

Plentiful Open Space

The Trident is one of the roomiest residential cabins out there. With up to 6x8m of uninterrupted floor space, you can turn the cabin into pretty much anything your heart desires. Not to mention that all this open space is a dream come true for those passionate about interior design. The Trident can be the blank canvas on which you can express your creativity to the fullest. read more

Clock house

The Clock House is one of the most attractive residential cabins around. Aside from plenty of room, its unique design will dramatically increase your garden’s visual appeal and impress everyone who looks at the log cabin. In general, UK properties and gardens can look stunning, and the Big Ben can be the perfect addition to yours.

A Simple Architectural Wonder

What the Clock House excels at is creating a perfect blend between form and function. This wonderful timber building can complement any backyard, becoming its focal point. So if you were looking to add more beauty to your garden, this cabin could be a fantastic option. read more